TanGO Tan Remover Cloth - World’s First!


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tanGO Tanning Glove Australia

You loved tanGO® the WORLD’s FIRST tan removal cloth for it’s ease of use and effectiveness. Now Tanology has harnessed the technology behind the revolutionary cloth to produce tanGO® tan removal glove!

Presented in its very own convenient canister, the cute pink tanGO® tan removal glove works just like the original tanGO® cloth, but in glove form! The elasticised band means the glove won’t slip when you’re sloughing off tanning build-up or errors.

tanGO® tan removal glove features the same special weave of fabric first  released in the original cloth. The weave acts like elastic, gently pulling the tanning pigment away from the skin without the use of any harsh exfoliants or chemicals.

tanGO® tan removal glove is super soft yet has amazing quality when it comes to removing tanning pigment. There are no hidden chemicals or additives in tanGO®. Just like the cloth, it’s as simple as Wet Me. Squeeze Me. Rub Me.!,

States tanGO® creator Jodi Bibra, “I love to use my glove with my favourite shower gel. The wetter your tanGO® tan removal glove the less tan it will remove so you can use it as a blending tool half way through your tan, then squeeze it a little more at the end of your tan to remove build up. “

“In other words, it’s a one stop product for pre-tan preparation and during & post-tanning maintenance.”

Glove - $26.95 AUD +postage

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