TanGO Tan Remover Cloth - World’s First!




Best invention the tanning world has seen in YEARS!! Sun Studio LA - Joey Anthony

tanGO is awesome on the skin. I really mean that.To me it was luxurious and feminine .No harsh scratching... excellent removal of previous tan with minimal effort . Cathy Scolfield Queensland Tanning Supplies

I have used fake/self tanners for over 25 years throughout the year even more so nowadays due to being awareness risks involved with sun exposure.

For years I¹ve been looking for a tan remover that actually works and having tried numerous limited creams and wipes on the market, numerous methods including toothpaste, lemon juice, abrasive exfoliants with not much success, had in all honesty nearly given up my search when I came across the tanGO.

With a teenage daughter and so many of my freinds that use spray booths I could see the increasing need for a product ......

It¹s the perfect solution for

removing tell tale streaks from those more obvious places (ie wrists) and the harder to reach places, with the added bonus that it does not contain chemicals and it does not involve harsh scrubbing.

We are excited to be distributing the tanGO in the UK, and I believe it will meet the needs of the UK tanning market as I have searched far and wide, and to date there is nothing quite like the tanGO in the UK. Ruth Saunders tanGO Cloth UK

I absolutely loved the tanGO® cloth.... From the moment I received it I fell in love with the awesome packaging, then opened it up and it was so unbelievably soft I admit I was a bit sceptical about how something so soft could actually remove my tan, however it really worked I loved seeing my tan just roll off my skin leaving beautiful, silky, naturally white skin underneath. It was gentle enough to use on all areas of my body including neck and face and it would be really hard to over exfoliate with tanGO®cloth  so I know my skin was safe compared to other products I have used. I love the fact that I can just put my tanGO in the wash and then its ready to go again. I have been recommending tanGO cloth to all of my clients and now have the perfect gift to give to my friends for Christmas!
I have to add that tanGO®'s creator Jodi has been absolutely amazing to deal with... a truly inspiring woman.
Thanks Jodi and Thanks tanGO® !!! Raw Muscle Tanning, Toowoomba - Ellie Burgoyne

There are other mitts on the market but, unlike them, this is a dream to use and an innovation.tanGO® is a tan-removal cloth. It’s a reusable, environmentally friendly and 100 per cent Australian product created by West Australian spray-tan technician Jodi Bibra. Say goodbye to all your tanning nightmares, from streaky tan lines to the wrong colour. The polyamide cloth gently removes tanning pigment from your skin without any harsh scrubbing or chemicals. A must-have for every tanning enthusiast. The Weekly Review Melbourne October 2010


We work with and distribute AVIVA LABS sunless tanning products whose motto is “Beauty Today. Health for Life” and tanGO® absolutely fits this mantra. It does not contain chemicals, alcohols or rely on harsh fibres to ‘erase’ the tan, which really reinforces our Beauty Today. Health for Life motto. And the fact that it’s reusable, in some cases up to 2 years, means we are offering our clients and stockists an affordable product of the highest quality".Narelle Moyle Director AVIVA LABS Australia.

All the clients I have sold the tanGO® too have been very happy with their purchase. I, of course use one myself, as it's so soft yet has these amazing exfoliation capabilities... A great little invention. Edwina Cornell Owner BEAUTY INSIGHTS.



Finally a product that actually works! I run my own spray tanning business and I have tried numerous products that ‘claim’ to remove spray tans.  tanGO® is amazing, it is the only product on the market that actually removes spray tans without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing.  After meeting Jodi and ‘road testing’ the tanGO® cloth, I knew it was something that I needed to offer my clients.  Once my clients see the tanGO® in action, they ‘have to have one’.  It is perfect for ‘frequent tanners’ to remove tan build up before their next appointment to guarantee a flawless even tan every time. tanGO®is reusable - another reason why my clients love it, for a small outlay they have a product that they can use over and over again!

Sharon Parnell, owner Be Bronze Sunless Tanning.

 tanGO®tan remover cloths to the rescue! I once had a tanning disaster and the only way I could get rid of streaks was with nail polish remover! My skin was raw and sore! The days of punishing ourselves are over with this ingenious cloth designed in West Australia. No harsh scrubbing or chemicals, just add water and gently rub the offending colour away!

 tanGO® cloth is brilliant!!! Works really well and you know how much spray tan I get layered on!!!!! Five stars from me.
Michelle Winney



"I cant imagine where I would be without my  tanGO®". Jessica Samson.

"I have been a tanaholic for most of my life. When I first used tanGO® I was ecstatic that I finally found something that really works! " Karen Thompson.

"I use my tanGO® everyday, it keeps my tans always looking fresh and ready for a top up tan whenever I want". Emily Williams 

"I love love love my tanGO® !!". Racheal Finerty.

" Best tanning product ever, I make so many mistakes and this really helps with my orange ankles." Jane.

" I have been having spray tans for years now, being on the catwalk I can't afford to have any mistakes. Jodi put me onto tanGO® and now I always know I can look my best." Rebecca Freind.